Harp Info Videos

Harp Info Videos

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Informational Harp "How-To" Videos by Sylvia Woods

These informative videos by Sylvia Woods were filmed in September 2008 by videographer Katie Beer. Sylvia gives you useful information and special tips on a variety of harp subjects such as harp care, parts of the harp, tuning your harp, and replacing broken strings. She is assisted in some of the sections by harpist Madeleine Brandli.

We suggest that beginners watch all of the videos in numerical order.

#1. Introduction and Parts of the Harp

#2A. Harp Tuning Basics and Electronic Tuners

#2B. Basic Harp Tuning and Tips

#2C. Tuning Your Lever Harp to C or Flat Keys

#3A. Choosing the Correct Replacement String

#3B. Tying the Knot in the Harp String

#3C. Replacing a String on Your Harp