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Hungary Teachers

Hungary Teachers

Here is a list of our harp teachers in Hungary.

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Here's what the icons below indicate:

Teaches both lever and pedal harp Teaches all ages
Teaches only lever harp Teaches through
Skype or FaceTime
Teaches only children and teens
Teaches only pedal harp Teaches only teens and adults


(and Indiana, USA)
Erzsébet Gaál Rinne - lever harp and pedal harp - all levels
(812) 332-0930 - -
Erzsébet teaches private lessons for children and adults at her studio, and at Indiana University, University of Evansville, and Meridian Music School. She also teaches at the homes of local students, as well as through Skype. No previous musical training is required. She has lever harps for rent to her students. Erzsébet specializies in classical, orchestral, modern and religious music, and also teaches arranging and music theory. She offers harp ensembles, recitals, harp circles, and summer music camp. She studied with Susann McDonald, has a Kodály Music Education Diploma and a Doctorate of Music, and has been teaching since 1990. Erzsébet teaches in English and Hungarian.
"Having performed solo, chamber and orchestra repertoire both in Europe and in Americas, I bring a well-rounded instrumental background and an international selection of music education methods into my teaching studios. The many years of music instruction experiences on various levels enable me to select and to apply the method that a student needs, focusing on the whole individual as an intellectual, spiritual and physical being. Moreover, the Hungarian Kodály Method, a physical wellness program, is applied in my teaching to help students to excel in music studies, to reach their highest potential, to maintain a high level of performance capacity, and to prevent possible occupational hazards."