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Vermont Teachers

Vermont Teachers

Here is a list of our harp teachers in Vermont organized by zip code.

Please see our main Harp Teachers page for other states, and for more information on how to use this list.

Some teachers who live in neighboring states may be listed at the bottom of this page.

Here's what the icons below indicate:

Teaches both lever and pedal harp Teaches all ages
Teaches only lever harp Teaches through
Skype or FaceTime
Teaches only children and teens
Teaches only pedal harp Teaches only teens and adults

St. Johnsbury, VT

Bill Tobin - lever harp – beginning to advanced, and pedal harp – beginning to intermediate
(802) 751-7671 - -
Bill teaches private lessons for children and adults at his studio. No previous musical training is required. Bill teaches arranging and Celtic, folk, and classical music. He offers harp ensembles and harp circles. He studied with Stephanie Curcio, and has been teaching since 1992.
Morgan, VT

Chris Nicotera - lever harp – beginning and intermediate
(802) 895-4341 -
Chris teaches private and group lessons for children and adults at her studio, and at a private studio in Derby, Vermont. No previous musical training is required. She has lever harps for rent to her students. Chris specializes in Celtic and folk music, and also teaches arranging, improvisation, and therapy music. She has an Associate's degree in Contemporary Music, and Bachelor's and Master's in Music Education. She also has a Vermont Music Teaching license. She has been teaching since 1985.
"I will teach you to play solo harp as well as how to accompany voice and other instruments. I usually have harps for sale or rent. I also teach guitar specializing in classical, jazz, folk and pop."