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So. Calif. Harp Rentals

So. Calif. Harp Rentals

26-string harpIf you live in the Southern California area, you can rent a harp from HarpMuse Inspirations, owned by former Sylvia Woods Harp Center employee Aedan MacDonnell.

26-string harpIf you are considering the harp, this is a great way to play one before actually purchasing.

Harps available for rent are:
Dusty Strings Allegro (26 strings): $40 per month (see photo on left)
Triplett N-30 (30 strings) with C and F levers: $50 per month (see photo on right)
Triplett N-30 (30 strings) with Full levers: $55 per month
(Larger lever harps or pedal harps are not available for rent.)

Please see the HarpMuse Inspirations website for more information.

For Southern California Rental Information and Reservations

Call Aedan at (818) 939-4313