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Two periodic features in these newsletters are favorites of my readers. I've complied these articles on separate web pages to make them easy to find:
*articles I've written about living on Kauai
*articles written by harp composers and arrangers telling about their harp journeys

Here are some of our recent newsletters.
July 2019 Newsletter - Sylvia's 1982 Studs Terkel Radio Interview
June 2019 Newsletter - TV Music
May 2019 Newsletter - Movie Music
April 2019 Newsletter - More Useful Music Apps
March 2019 Newsletter - Modacity App
February 2019 Newsletter - Featuring Sunita Staneslow - PLUS New George Harrison arrangements by Sylvia
January 2019 Newsletter - Featuring Anna Dunwoodie, and harp teachers
December 2018 Newsletter - Harp Christmas ornaments
November 2018 Newsletter - Mickey Mouse's 90th Birthday and all things Disney
October 2018 Newsletter - Harp Center on PBS
September 2018 Newsletter
August 2018 Newsletter - Women in the orchestra
July 2018 Newsletter - "Perfect" and Carolan updates, and Sylvia Woods sale
June 2018 Newsletter - Featuring Erik Ask-Upmark, and new "Perfect" arrangement
May 2018 Newsletter - Featuring Rachel Hair
April 2018 Newsletter - Featuring Jan Jennings
March 2018 Newsletter - New Sylvia Woods Publication: Favorites from the 50s
February 2018 Newsletter - Music for lever harps tuned to flats
January 2018 Newsletter - Turlough O'Carolan music
December 2017 Newsletter - free music for a Merry Christmas!
November 2017 Newsletter - new music and "What do you love?"
October 2017 Newsletter - Sylvia's new arrangements: Unforgettable & Unchained Melody
September 2017 Newsletter - Scams targeting musicians
August 2017 Newsletter - Animals -- stuffed and live
July 2017 Newsletter - Featuring Gelsey Hughes
June 2017 Newsletter - New music from Sylvia: La La Land, & Beauty and the Beast
May 2017 Newsletter - Hidden Gems: book lyrics
April 2017 Newsletter - Featuring Alfredo Ortiz, and a tribute to Judy Diaz
March 2017 Newsletter - Featuring Sylvia Woods compositions . . . and more!
February 2017 Newsletter - Harp in TV commercials . . . and more!
January 2017 Newsletter - harp price increases - happy music sale :)
December 2016 Newsletter - free Christmas sheet music
November 2016 Newsletter - Game of Thrones, and Traveling with Your Harpsicle
October 2016 Newsletter - Featuring Suzanne Guldimann
September 2016 Newsletter - Featuring Tips for Learning Searching for Lambs
August 2016 Newsletter - Featuring Useful Music Apps for iPhones and iPads
July 2016 Newsletter - Featuring Robin Fickle
June 2016 Newsletter - More new products
May 2016 Newsletter - Happy Birthday to You
April 2016 Newsletter - Featuring Meg Robinson
March 2016 Newsletter - Featuring Anne Roos
February 2016 Newsletter - Harp Knitting and Cross-Stitch Patterns
January 2016 Newsletter - Jim Messina
December 2015 Newsletter - 3 new publications by Sylvia Woods
November 2015 Newsletter - Happy Thanksgiving! 15% off Sylvia Woods' products
October 2015 Newsletter - Featuring Megan Metheney
September 2015 Newsletter - Featuring Aedan MacDonnell
August 2015 Newsletter - Featuring Shawna Selline and former Harp Center staff
July 2015 Newsletter - MORE new music by Sylvia Woods
June 2015 Newsletter - Featuring Charles Guard. New music by Sylvia Woods: Hallelujah and Stay with Me
May 2015 Newsletter - Featuring Laurie Riley
April 2015 Newsletter - Featuring Louise Trotter
March 2015 Newsletter - Featuring Margot Krimmel
February 2015 Newsletter - Featuring Jo Morrison, and stories about O'Carolan
January 2015 Newsletter - Featuring Joyce Rice. New music by Sylvia Woods: Happy
December 2014 Newsletter - new Sylvia Woods music: That Night in Bethlehem
November 2014 Newsletter - Sylvia Woods Sale
October 2014 Newsletter - Featuring Kathryn Cater
September 2014 Newsletter: Patriotic Anniversary - Featuring RoJean Loucks
August 2014 Newsletter - Featuring Beth Kolle
July 2014 Newsletter - Even More New Sheet Music - and featuring Nancy Hurrell
June 2014 Newsletter - Featuring Brenda Bowen Cox PDFs
May 2014 Newsletter - Companion CD and mp3 Sale
April 2014 Newsletter - New Harp Music from Frozen, Tangled, and Les Miserables
March 2014 Newsletter - St Patrick's Sale on Irish Music
February 2014 Newsletter - Remembering the 1960s Sale
January 2014 Newsletter - Pre-Valentine's Sale
October 2013 Newsletter

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