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Tuning Keys / Wrenches

Tuning Keys / Wrenches

It is a good idea to have a spare tuning key (also called a tuning wrench) for your harp.
There are several sizes of harp tuning pins used by different makers.
It is extremely important that you purchase the correct size key for your harp.

We sell 3 sizes of keys:
A. for Dusty Strings Harps
B. for harps with zither tuning pins such as the Harpsicle Harps. (Zither pins are the tuning pins that are only on one side of the neck of the harp. They do not go through both sides of the neck.)
C. An adjustable universal key that fits any harp.

We no longer sell tuning keys for pedal harps and harps made by pedal harp makers (except for the universal key and the new Dusty Duo-Tune.)
You can purchase keys for these and other harps at

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