Search Tips

Using the Search box on our website can be extremely helpful. For example, you can type in the name of a song and find all of the books, sheets, PDFs, CDs, or mp3s that contain that music.
However, it is easy to get a lot more results than you bargained for, which can be quite frustrating.

When you do a search on our site, any matching categories will be shown at the top as a list of links. Below that, any matching products will be shown with their images. If all you see is a long list of links, scroll down the page to find the actual products.

Here are some tips to make searching our site more accurate and productive.

#1. Do not use common words.
Do not use words such as AND, THE, BY, OF, A, FROM, IN, etc. If you do, you'll get a very large list of category matches at the top of the page.

Also, never use any of these harp-related words, because you'll get way too many results:

#2. Searches are not case sensitive.
It doesn't matter if you use capital letters, or lower case. You'll get the same results.

#3. Plurals are not the same as singular words.
A search for CAROLS will provide different results than CAROL. CAROLS will give you about a dozen useful Christmas results. CAROL will create about 75 results, including music arranged by anyone with the first name of Carol, and all music by O'Carolan.

#4. Type in the Product number.
If you know our product number for the item, type it in the search box.

#5. Use our categories.
If you are looking for all the Christmas books and PDFs we sell, for example, go to one of the Christmas music categories in our Music by Genre or Type section:
Christmas and Chanukah books & PDFs by Sylvia Woods
Christmas and Chanukah books & PDFs.

#6. Type in the name of a composer or artist.
This is a great way to find books and PDFs by a particular person.
You can also find all the music by a particular artist in the Music Sorted by Author category. An added advantage of using the category method is that you'll see a photo of the artist, a short biography, and all of their publications in one list.

#7. Do not use accents or unusual characters.
To facilitate searching, we have tried not to use any accents used by languages other than English. For example, the word Renié will usually be shown as Renie, without the accent on the "e." If you are searching for a name or word with an accent or unusual characters, type the unaccented regular letters instead.

#8. Use our Pop Songs for Harp list
Our Pop Songs for Harp page is an alphabetical list of all of the pop songs that we sell. For example, And I Love Her is included in two books: Sylvia Woods' Lennon and McCartney book or PDF and Maeve Gilchrist's The Beatles for Folk (Lap) Harp book.
The Pop Songs list will also tell you that the theme from the Outlander TV series is in four of our publications.

#9. Check your spelling
If there are no results from your search, be sure to check your spelling. A search for "Christmus" will not find any Christmas products!