Search Tips
Searching our website can be extremely helpful. You can type in the name of a piece, for example, and find all of the books and CDs that contain that music.
However, it is easy to get a lot more results than you bargained for, which can be quite frustrating.
Here are some tips to make searching our site more accurate and productive.

#1. Type in the fewest words possible.
If you type in 2 words it will find every product that has EITHER of those words. So, the more words you type, the more results you'll get that are NOT what you're looking for.

#2. Never use these words:
Do NOT type in the word HARP. That search will give you every product we sell.
Other words to avoid for the same reason are:

#3. Use the most unusual word.
Say you're looking for my "50 Christmas Carols for All Harps" book. As we mentioned in #2 above, if you type in the words HARP or BOOK you'll get most of our products listed. If you type in the word CHRISTMAS, you'll still get a lot, since we sell a lot of Christmas items. However, if you just type in the word CAROLS, you'll only get a few matches, and you'll easily be able to find what you're looking for. (If you're looking for all the Christmas books we sell, a better idea is to go to one of the Christmas book categories.)

Another example would be Deborah Friou's "Renaissance Music for the Harp" book. You can type in Deborah, but then you'll get lots of products by Deborah Friou, Deborah Henson-Conant, and others. So this is not very useful. Typing in FRIOU is better, because the list will be shorter, and only contain her music. The word RENAISSANCE will also work. See #6 below for even more tips.

#4. Searches are not case sensitive.
It doesn't matter if you use capital letters, or lower case. You'll get the same results.
Plurals are NOT the same as singular, however. So a search for "muse" will give you different results than "muses."

#5. Type in the Product number.
If you know our product number for the item, just type it in the box. Do not type a number sign (#) before the product number.
Some of our products are shown together on our website, for example, a charm that is available as either a necklace or as earrings may be shown as 1 product, and companion CDs are listed with the books. So sometimes the product number that you see in the search results will be slightly different than the number you typed in. This is ok. Just click on the product, and you should see the actual item you're searching for.

#6. Type in the name of a composer or artist.
This is a great way to find books and CDs by a particular person. Once again, type in only one word, and use the most unusual word of their name. For example, to find products by Deborah Friou, type in FRIOU, instead of DEBORAH, and you'll get fewer results. And remember: even if you're just looking for Deborah's CDs, and not her books, do not add the word CD to the search. That search will give you every CD we sell.
A better way to find all of the products by a particular artist is to use the menu on the left of our site, instead of the search box. For example, click on "Books," and then "Books by Author," and then the name of the author. An added advantage of using this method is that you'll see a photo of the artist, as well as a short biography.

#7. Do not use accents or unusual characters.
To facilitate searching, we have tried not to use any accents used by languages other than English. For example, the word Renié will usually be shown as Renie, without the accent on the e. So if you're searching for a word with any kind of an accent or unusual characters, just type the regular letters.