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Giuliana De Donno

Giuliana De Donno, born in Matera, Italy, graduated in classic harp from the Saint Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, under the guidance of J. Jugo de Grodnicka. She went on to post-graduate studies in classic harp with E. Zaniboni and C. Antonelli, Paraguayan harp with A.R. Ortiz and L. Almada, and Celtic harp with D. Bouchaud and A. O'Farrell. Her repertoire embraces various musical genres, from classical to popular, thanks to the versatility provided by her studies of and research on instruments from different traditions. She is also the only harpist in the world to play and possess an original Viggianese harp which she recently restored.

In the classical field, De Donno has carved out an extremely busy concert career both as a soloist and in chamber groups. Her activities also extend to theatre and cinema, both as an onscreen and soundtrack performer, providing live music for dance shows. In 2008, she founded and launched the first school in Italy for the Italian popular harp based in Viggiano. Currently, other than her extensive concert activities, she dedicates her time to teaching.

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