Printable String Lists

Printable String Lists

Harp makers use many types and gauges of strings. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you put the correct strings on your harp.

Every harp takes different strings. We understand that this can be frustrating and confusing. Therefore, as a courtesy to our customers, we are providing printable string charts for many popular harps. Click on the maker and model below for a printable list of the correct gauges of strings for your harp. If your harp is not listed, please contact your harpmaker to order the correct strings.

Dusty Strings Harps: Ravenna 26, Allegro, FH26, FH32 (discontinued model), Crescendo 32 (discontinued model), Ravenna 34, Crescendo 34, FH34, FH36B, FH36H, FH36S, FH36A (discontinued model)

Harpsicle Harp Company: Harpsicle, Sharpsicle, Flatsicle, Fullsicle, Special Edition Fullsicle, Grand Harpsicle

Lyon & Healy and Salvi Harps: Lyon & Healy and Salvi lever and pedal harps

Caswell Harps: Lap-Gaelic 27, Lap-Gaelic 29 (C string on top, down to a C string), Lap-Gaelic 29 (G string on top, down to a G string), Gaelic 30, Gaelic 31, Gaelic 33

Markwood Harps: Minstrel 25, Queen's Court 29, King's Court 33, King's Court 5 (King's Court V)

Thormahlen Harps: 36-String Summit Harp, 36-String Nylon-Strung Harp, 36-String Lever Gut (Folk Gut) Strung Harp , 36-String Pedal Gut-Strung Harp

Triplett Harps: Christina Therapy Harp, R-30 or N-30, Axline or Nino 30, Avalon 22, Celtic, Celtic II, Catalina, Catalina Deluxe, Nova or Nino 34, Premiere or Eclipse, Signature 32, Signature 36, Zephyr 21, Zephyr 22

Wm. Rees Harps: Aberdeen Meadows, Glen Aulin

Every maker and model requires different gauges (sizes) of strings. If your harp was not made by a harpmaker listed above, please do NOT assume that because your harp has the same number of strings as one of these harps, the string gauges are the same. Please contact your harpmaker for a correct string list.

Click here for informative PDFs and videos on how to change a string.