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Margot Krimmel
books & PDFs

Denver native Margot Krimmel began her musical career at the age of three singing whatever came into her head. As a teenager, she mastered the guitar by watching and listening to her older brother fingerpick his own handcrafted guitars. Fifteen years later, living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a friend asked if she could store her Celtic harp with Margot for a few months. With a harp in the living room and a book by Sylvia Woods called Teach Yourself to the Play Folk Harp, a new direction was sparked. Realizing there must be more to harp technique than presented in the teach-yourself book, Margot pursued her new instrument by working with three different teachers. She studied folk harp with Sylvia Woods, jazz harp with Deborah Henson-Conant and classical pedal harp with Denver Symphony harpist Helen Hope. Infusing their expertise with her own swing/jazz/blues guitar background, Margot has a fresh, innovative approach to harp.

Margot wrote an article for Sylvia's monthly e-newsletter, telling about her harp journey. You can read the article here.