Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

The Sylvia Woods Harp Center succeeds by delivering outstanding performance and exemplary customer service.

We select only the highest quality products, so that our customers can always expect what they buy from us to be the best available. We work with our harp makers and other vendors to improve their products, to assure that our customers get the best products possible.

Exemplary customer relationships drive the Sylvia Woods Harp Center's growth and prosperity. We believe in service beyond expectation, achieved through a constant desire to anticipate and fulfill evolving customer needs. We educate our customers to make them better harp players, and better customers. We help each customer discover which harp and accessories are the best for their needs and wants. We take the time with each customer to be sure they understand what they need, even when they may not be buying from us.

Besides servicing the needs of existing harp players, we work towards growing the harp industry by introducing the harp to new customers through our website, e-newsletter, teacher referrals, lessons, and many other promotional and educational projects.

Although we endeavor to do things right the first time, we learn from our mistakes, and use this knowledge to continually make our business and our work environment better.

The Sylvia Woods Harp Center always strives to exceed its best.