Harp Center on PBS TV

Harp Center on PBS TV

Sylvia Woods Harp Center featured on Huell Howser's
"Visiting" on Los Angeles' PBS Station KCET

Huell Howser was one of the most popular celebrities on the Los Angeles PBS television station KCET. His shows "California's Gold" and "Visiting" were favorites of many viewers.

Huell Howser came to our Glendale, California Sylvia Woods Harp Center in June 2000 and filmed a 30-minute show about Sylvia and her store. Sylvia told him a bit about the history of the harp, and how harps work. Paul Baker talked about pedal harps and played a jazz tune. Lisa Lynne played one of her own compositions and discussed how everybody loves the sound of the harp.

Twelve-year-old Gelsey Hughes played one of her own compositions and talked about her new Midnight Fairies book (now on PDF). Huell had a great time playing glissandos on a harp, and Sylvia also taught him to play one phrase of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. He also interviewed Sylvia's father and her friend Patti Strout who had originally submitted this show idea to Huell.

This episode of "Visiting" is still shown periodically on KCET in Los Angeles and other Southern California PBS Stations. The following excerpt features Lisa Lynne.

We are not allowed to show the entire video here, but you can watch the complete episode using this Chapman University link.

Here are all the people who were involved in this Harp Center episode.

people in the video

Shown from left: Mr. Hughes (Gelsey's father), Heidi Spiegel (SWHC employee), Gil (Lisa Lynne's musical partner), Lisa Lynne (performer), Gelsey Hughes (performer), Huell Howser (TV personality), Sylvia Woods (SWHC owner and performer), Patti Strout (friend of Sylvia's), Terri Skeoch (SWHC employee), Conway Snyder (Sylvia's father), Suzanne Guldimann (SWHC employee), Paul Baker (performer and SWHC teacher), Chanel Pease (SWHC employee)