Sylvia Woods  books & PDFs

Sylvia Woods
books & PDFs

Sylvia is the owner of the Sylvia Woods Harp Center, and has been playing the harp since 1969. She was trained on the pedal harp, but switched over to the lever harp in the 1970's. She has written over 20 harp music books and 50 pieces of sheet music that are played by harpists of all levels and on any type of harp. In 1999 she was named as one of the 45 "Most Influential Harp Forces of the 20th Century" by The Harp Column magazine: "There is perhaps no single person within the Celtic harp community that has inspired so many as Sylvia Woods . . . effectively launching the folk harp boom of the 70s, 80s and even 90s. . . . While Woods may not herself have created the folk harp industry, she certainly can be credited with having shaped and molded it to its present form."

Harp compositions and arrangements by Sylvia Woods are available in both of the following formats:

  • printed books and sheet music which will be mailed to you
  • PDF downloads where you print the music yourself on your computer.