Maine Teachers

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Teaches both lever and pedal harp

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Teaches only teens and adults

Here is a list of our harp teachers in Maine organized by zip code.


Portland, ME

Jara Goodrich

Lever harp - all levels
Pedal harp - all levels
(207) 793-4701 -

Jara teaches private lessons for children and adults at her studio, and at Portland Conservatory / University of Southern Maine. She also teaches at the homes of local students as well as through Skype. No previous musical training is required, but piano reading skills are recommended. Jara has lever harps and pedal harps for rent to her students. She teaches all musical styles, specializing in classical, modern, and orchestral music, and offers recitals and harp ensembles for her students. Jara has a BA degree, and has been teaching since 1980.



Bangor, ME

Douglas Beck

lever harp - beginning to intermediate

Douglas teaches private and group lessons for children and adults at his studio and at a church. He will travel to the homes of local students. He also teaches through Skype, FaceTime and Zoom. No previous musical training is required. Douglas teaches all musical styles, specializing in religious, Celtic, and folk music. He also teaches composition, arranging, improvisation, and music theory, and offers harp circles for his students. He studies with Sylvia Woods, and has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Music. He has been teaching since 2012.

"I enjoy coaching my students to thoroughly enjoy and be their best selves through their musical discoveries."