Useful Music Apps

Useful Music Apps

Whether you are just learning to read music, or you are an advanced musician, there are lots of iPhone, iPad, and Android apps that can help you. And, if you are a teacher, particularly if your students are in the "younger generations," you really need to know your apps.

In 2016 I asked the readers of my monthly e-mail newsletters to send me their favorite apps for musicians, and for those learning to read music. These were featured in my August 2016 newsletter. In March 2019, I decided it was time to update the list. And so, I asked my readers again to send in their favorites and printed their suggestions in the April 2019 newsletter. This list is a compilation of their suggestions.

Some of these apps are free, others cost a few dollars, and many have both free and more complete paid versions.

All of these apps are for iPhones and iPads, and most are also available for Android.

Tuners and Metronomes

CleartuneCleartune: an easy-to-use tuner

TempoTempo: a versatile metronome

Reading Music

Music TutorMusic Tutor: music flash cards

Music Reading EssentialsMusic Reading Essentials: music flash cards

Music Flash ClassMusic Flash Class: music flash cards

FlashnoteFlashnote Derby: flash card horse race game

NoteworksNoteworks: flash card game

Timing and Rhythm

Rhythm CalculatorRhythm Calculator: plays rhythms back to you

Rhythm Sight ReadingRhythm Sight Reading Trainer: improve your sight reading

Rhythm SwingRhythm Swing: tap out rhythms in this fun game

Drum SchoolDrum School: play along with a large selection of drum grooves

DrumGeniusDrumGenius: play along with the greatest drummers in the world and improve your rhythm

Melody Cats Series

Melody Cats are games to learn notes and rhythms with levels that get progressively more challenging.

Treble CatTreble Cat: learn treble clef notes

Bass CatBass Cat: learn bass clef notes

Rhythm CatRhythm Cat: learn basic rhythms

Rhythm Cat 2Rhythm Cat 2: learn more advanced rhythms

Ear CatEar Cat: develop your musical ear

Comprehensive Apps

Music Theory ProMusic Theory Pro: identify notes, chords, keys, scales

TenutoTenuto: customize your own exercises for chords and intervals

ModacityModacity: make your practice time more productive.
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Miscellaneous Apps

MusictionaryMusictionary: music dictionary

Ear WorthyEar Worthy: listen and identify notes, scales, chords

HypnosisMusicians Hypnosis App: helps with stage fright, auditions, confidence

Music scannerSheet Music Scanner: scan music and the app plays it for you

PensatoPensato: shows the notes and chords for scales and modes

AnytuneAnytune: slow down audio without changing the pitch

forScoreforScore: scan and read music from your iPad

Notate MeNotate Me: enter music notation with your finger or stylus on your tablet or phone

Handy HarpHandy Harp: learn about harp pedals and create pedal harp diagrams