Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Doing Business with the Sylvia Woods Harp Center

"I have been a customer of yours for many years. A couple of days ago, I place an order for a music book. As I am in North Carolina and you are in California, and as I didn't pay extra for expedited shipping, it would have been reasonable for me to wait at least a week to get the order. However, to my delight, the book was delivered today. This is often the case with orders to the Harp Center. So I have learned that if I have a choice between ordering a book from you and ordering it from another source, I will order it from you every time. Now, I will have a great weekend playing new tunes. Thanks. " - Patrice Walker, North Carolina

"I am so impressed by your business and all your new offerings, both with music and technology. You have always provided great service, but especially now with the newsletters, harp e-cards and downloads. Having been a harpist for more than 40 years, you have made a HUGE difference these past decades. " - Maria Hesse, Michigan

"I just want to tell you and your staff what a real pleasure it is to order and receive packages from your Harp Center. You are so efficient, the products are excellent and I always receive the treasures I've ordered promptly and very well packaged. Each time I have ordered from you I have thought and commented to others about what a good experience it has been. I love your web site. It just keeps getting better. You are inspirational and the world is a better place because of you, your music, your staff and your wonderful products." - Jeanette Rosewood, Canada

"I like the way you do business. You are a professional in every sense of the word, and a business entrepreneur to boot. I'm so impressed with your organization, dependability, integrity, and personal touch. I can promise you we will do business with the Sylvia Woods Harp Center in the future. You are great." - L.R., California

"You folks excel at customer service there, and I always tell people that. Thanks again!" - F.B., Georgia

"Thank you for the e-mail and shipping my order so fast. Your personal touch has gained another customer for life." - P.L., Round Rock, Texas

"We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the two orders we placed recently from your catalog. The music books we ordered are wonderful! They will enrich our days for years to come. And because of your kindness and care, the ordering process was also very pleasant. From our first contact with you at your store, to the delivered package, everything was optimal! We've done quite a lot of mail orders, and have never had the whole process go so well. We were really impressed with the care you took in selecting the packaging materials, and the care with which the boxes were packed and sealed. They were works of art! And because of your efforts everything arrived in beautiful condition. Thank you so much!" - F.B. and D.B., California

"I just wanted to send you this brief e-mail and say how exceptional your customer service is. From having needed information instantly available on initial phone inquiry, to promptness of order processing, use of proper packaging (nothing arrives broken...), and timely follow-up for any backordered items. Such comprehensive and friendly service is very hard to find from anyone these days. Consequently, yours truly stands out. Convenient and quality service combined with a wide range of quality products is a real plus. Just wanted you to know such things are noticed...and appreciated!" - S.C., Tennessee

"I have known and done business with "you all" for 8+ years now, and can't say enough good things about the wonderful, knowledgeable service and education you offer to customers; as well as the open, friendly honest professionalism with which you conduct business. I always advise people to check out your website and trust everything they hear from Sylvia Woods Harp Center before they decide about a harp. Thanks again for being a business and collection of people everyone can rely on." - M.W., Michigan

"This is a belated thank you for the wonderful service on my order. It is a pleasure to do business with you. My grandchildren are enjoying playing the harp I bought for them as they are a musical family." - B. B., Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for the incredibly fast service on my last order! I came home from work Wednesday, and did a double-take when I saw the boxes on my front porch, when I had only mailed off my order the previous Friday. Wow!" - K.H., Washington

"I Just wanted to thank you again for your kindness. My biggest regret in life is that I didn't start studying the harp 40 years ago. It's still a joy at any age. Gratefully yours," - A.B., Connecticut

"To every person at the Harp Center -- Your help, support, and follow-up went far beyond what currently passes for professional service, in my experience. Just a note to express my gratitude and now, loyalty!" - D. P., New Jersey

"There have been many times in my short career of "harping" when I've thought to let you all know how much I appreciate your kind help. You surely stand out in my mind as the nicest group of people I like to work with. And I always look forward to talking with you and fully trust your judgment." J. W., Pennsylvania

Beginning the Harp

"One Christmas long ago I was awake in my bed thinking what I wanted Santa to bring me. I thought and thought and I decided that I wanted a harp. Now, almost 15 years later I finally got my wish. Under the tree was a harp. These past three weeks since Christmas have been some of the most happy in my life, as I have undertaken the task of playing the most sublime of instruments." - A.W., New York

"I am now 68, still busy, but taking some time for myself at last. I bought this harp just for myself. It fills a need deep within me. I do have some arthritis in my hands, which constant playing has helped keep at bay. It is tremendously exciting to be starting on a new venture." - T.J., British Columbia, Canada

"I have been playing now almost 4 months. I have a Dusty Strings folk harp (a present to myself on my recent 50th birthday). From childhood I had wanted to play the harp but never had the opportunity. Now that the children are gone from home, I find it a real stress reducer to come home from work and play on my harp." - S.S., Washington

"I want to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service and complete reliability I have experienced since first sending for a catalogue (a couple of years ago) to ordering my harp last spring. I have had a perfectly wonderful summer with it - love the rich round tone, and am becoming quite fluent at my elementary level. Practicing is a bit of an addiction. I can't stay away from it. Thanks for the help in spreading this magic far and near." - M.W., Michigan

"I'm enjoying learning the harp that I picked up last Saturday. My next door neighbors love to hear it even when I'm just playing random notes." - C.C., New York

"I LOVE my new harp -- it couldn't be more beautiful. The walnut is perfect -- it is just gorgeous! And I'm learning to play it very quickly. How wonderful it is." - S.W., Texas

"I am really enjoying my harp -- even some of the neighbors are having fun listening to my struggles especially when they recognize the melodies. But you were right and I should have listened, I really should have gotten the next one (at least) up instead of the small one. I can already feel the limitation. When I win the lotto I will be back to get a larger one. Your beginning book is excellent, and I have no problems following it and I am really pleased with the results." - S.M., California

"A short note of thanks. I am consistently impressed, surprised and pleased by the prompt fulfillment of orders. Incredibly fast. At 44, I decided to learn to play the folk harp. I am an adult student with NO previous musical experience -- never played an instrument, didn't know how to read music, etc. I am using the Sylvia Woods book "Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp" and tapes. I wanted to let you know that you have become a part of my life and that I appreciate it." - B.H., New York

"I love my new harp! It looks and sounds absolutely beautiful. Thanks for all the help in making this huge decision. After receiving the harp I'm sure that it was the right one. My son loves it, too, and asks me to play it after I put him to bed at night, so he can fall asleep to its sweet voice. Isn't that great? Anyway, learning to play my new instrument has already brought me a lot of joy, and I know that it will for many years to come. Once again, thanks for all the answers to my numerous questions leading up to this purchase. I'm just thrilled with my new harp!" - L.H., New Jersey

Sylvia Woods' Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp Book

"For eight years I taught music at a private school, and the instruments included piano, accordion, recorder, flute, violin, cello, guitar, ocarina, and a steel-drum band, so I am familiar with a number of different tutor books, and yours is by far the best! You have such a natural, easy style of teaching. I love the touches of humour here and there, and the grading of the material, choice of pieces, and introduction of new techniques is really fantastic. For me, the most important thing has always been that the pupil must be able to play simple little tunes right from the start. So many of the books have endless pages of dull exercises before you come to an actual tune. Your selections and arrangements of the music allow students to sound good immediately, which is so exciting. I also admire your business sense and innovative ideas. I wish you everything of the very best for your continued success." - G. B., South Africa

"First of all, I'd like to tell you how much I am enjoying your book "Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp." I received your book and CD along with a harp for Christmas. I have been probably driving my parents nuts, for quite some time now, with my harp fascination. I have found your book to be an extraordinary help so for. It is so informative. I have found everything I need to know in it so far. It covers all things I thought I'd have to search around to find out. Not just playing, but reading music, tuning, changing strings, harp care, and others. It is Great! Thanks for writing it! I was pleased to see that you have such a wide selection of other books. The wide selection of music offers such inspiration and will provide a special driving force to keep me going." - L.H., Maryland

"Thank you so much for writing "Teach Yourself To Play The Folk Harp". It is brilliant! I have had my Celtic Harp for 5 months. I composed a piece for harp and flute for my music exam. My friend played her flute and I played my harp." - D.P. age 16, England

"I started playing folk harp at the end of March, and your book "Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp" has been a BLAST. The harp has kept me sane these past months. With 2 toddlers and a hubby in school full-time, I had become too other-focused. I desperately needed my own thing. Folk harp is IT. I am absolutely HOOKED. Thanks again for helping a stay-at-home mom stay sane -- and for your excellent book." - A.S., Colorado

"I am a new "harper" and have been using your book "Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp". I love it! It is rare to find a book for musical instrument beginners that jumps right into beautiful, full sounding music. I've been playing acoustic guitar for 15 years and harp has been a comfortable and natural transition. Thanks to your book, tape and video, I am very much enjoying playing in my personal time and I've started performing and it's only been three months. Recently a woman who has played harp in the Phoenix symphony orchestra for 25 years saw me play and said, "Wow, I can tell you're taking lessons!" I'm not. It's all because of the quality lessons and music selection in your book. Thank you for sharing your skills, and insights. I can't wait to finish it and dive into more of your books. Thanks! - S.W., Arizona

"Your book is delightful, with many of my favorites and some I've never heard. So I could enjoy finding the notes on the first and deciphering the tune on the later. The skill challenge progressed perfectly and was always balanced. The pieces are so loveable I could practice for hours over and over without getting tired of them. At 60 years I have to practice a lot to get them to stay, so it's especially nice that they're lovely. I practice so much my grandchildren can't complain about their mother's reminding them to practice. I have never gone very far in any of my attempts to learn music and felt I had no ability. But between you and my teacher I have a wonderful bedtime ritual now. And though I don't expect to make Carnegie Hall, it is nice to know people don't seem to mind listening to me practice. Thank you for your work and caring. You've improved my life. - L. G, Idaho

Other Books by Sylvia Woods

"I just want you to know what a great help your 50 Christmas Carols book for the folk harp has been. I have used it every season for the past 5 years and it has proven to be invaluable. Your book has been, and continues to be, a lifesaver!!!" - N.C., Pennsylvania

"I wanted to write you again and let you know how much I am enjoying your books -- my order of several just arrived yesterday and I literally am devouring them! I am having such an incredible time with my harp -- and I haven't even owned it a month! Already, I've got "Ode to Joy" down in my own arrangement! Simple, but mine! It is such a joy to me, I feel like I have come home -- musically speaking at any rate. I am already considering the purchase of another harp." - D.P., Hawaii

"Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your multi-level arrangement books!!!! I started playing harp about 10 years ago. I recently bought the Scottish Songs, the Irish Melodies, the O'Carolan and the Chanukah and the audio cassettes to go with them -- and am having a glorious time. I already had the Christmas, Hymns and Wedding Music and Pachelbel. This is to thank Sylvia -- she is much appreciated. Now that I am 70, my goal is to play all the "B" versions WELL -- soon." - L.W., Florida

"Dear Sylvia, Nobody, but nobody can arrange music for the lever harp like you!!! I am so grateful that you do what you do . . . and so beautifully. All the pieces are great. The Lennon and McCartney book is a MASTERPIECE, and I especially like the Spiritual Medley. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!!!" - J.D. California

"I just wanted to say WOW! You guys are really speedy! I just placed my order on Thursday evening and it was in my mailbox when I came home from work yesterday (Monday). One of the things I ordered was In the Bleak Midwinter. I played it last night -- it was beautiful! I've only been playing the harp for a few months but I was really excited to be able to play the first stanza without too much difficulty. Thank you for such a beautiful arrangement." - L.B., Michigan

"Thank you so much for arranging In the Bleak Midwinter for harp. I just want to play the music over and over. Thank you as well for sending the music so quickly." - J.S., Hillsboro, Oregon

"Dear Sylvia,
Thank you so very much for your John Denver Love Songs book. For the first hour that I tried to play the songs -- especially "For You" -- I couldn't see the music through my tears! Now I can play them and I really appreciate how wonderfully you arranged the pieces -- so beautiful and easy to play. I love all of your other books also -- especially the Scottish Songs. Thanks again!" - B. B., California

"I feel I am learning a new language and very much enjoy it as I am working through your Music Theory and Arranging book. A friend asked me to learn to read fake music and Jewish music, fun challenges, but tricky with my limited background. With your help, I understand much more clearly what I need to do to fill in appropriately, as well as to identify and omit non-essentials. You've made playing more do-able and fun!" - H. R., Des Moines, Iowa

"I just found your book Music Theory and Arranging Techniques for Folk Harp. Now, that is one GREAT BOOK!!! I have so many folk harpers that have trouble reading arrangements, understanding chords, etc. etc. BUT you have touched all the areas. Plus the adults (they have lots of wishes to play quickly, and no time to devote to practice) will be able to read the melody line, rhythm patterns, and after learning the chords...will be able to play something that is their "own arrangement" without dealing with learning someone else's arrangement. I just adore it!!!!! Thank you, thank you. I have been writing all that kind of information for so many years for students, and here you have brought it all together!!! What ever would we do without you, your talent, and dedication to making the harp a better place to be!!! All my students will be required to purchase this book in the Fall when I start teaching in September. Best to you ... hugs and harps.... - J.T., Oregon

"As a beginning harpist, naturally I want to get my hands on anything I can possibly find that is harp-related. I bought books, CDs, harps, figurines, jewelry, and anything else I could find with a harp on it. The best books and CDs that I found, though, came from you, Sylvia. My favorite harp CDs are the tutorial CDs that go with the books that you have published. (50 Irish Melodies and 52 Scottish Songs). The books are at a level that I can play easily with only a few minutes of practice . . and make me feel a bit more like a harpist and less like a wanna-be. Thanks for publishing such great things!" -- G.M., Maryland

"Just had to drop a little note to say how much I enjoy the books/video you have put out to teach beginners and those wishing to learn the harp. Without you . . . many would not be brave enuf to try. I have several students that can lever faster than I can. Lots of fun to watch them progress and become fine harpists. Thanks again for all you have done for the harp world . . . we wouldn't be as far without your guidance and love of the harp and especially "sharing" what you know." - J.L., Oregon

Our PDF E-Book Downloads

"I just used your PDF E-Book download, it was wonderful because I can start playing my new music today. I live on an Island and have no way of getting to a music store within a 100 miles of my home, so you can image what the convenience of this new systems means to me, and I hope other harp players also. I have been playing for 10 years and all ways order my music from Sylvia Woods. In the past I had to wait the 5 days for delivery, but now I just print it out in seconds. I am looking forward to ordering more music on line, and to let everyone know how easy it is. Good Luck" - Mary Wagner, Virginia

Our Harps

"Thank you so very much for all your personal assistance in selecting a harp. It arrived this week -- and I LOVE IT! My only regret is that I didn't call you ten years ago!" - T.S., Illinois

"This short note is to let you know that I have received my beautiful Dusty Strings harp. It is an exquisite instrument, and the workmanship on it far exceeded my expectations." - C.M., New York.

"I wanted to share the joy by letting you know how much I love my Dusty Strings FH36S. It has beautiful design and craftsmanship and the most exquisite tone. I can't imagine a more beautiful sounding harp than this one. I know my harp and I will be life long friends." L.W., Oklahoma

"I want to tell you that buying this Dusty Strings harp from your store was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had in a long time. I'm sure you already know, but your staff is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Even my husband had a good time! That is saying quite a lot, indeed!
I love the harp and it is a dream come true! Thank you again, so much, and believe me if I ever buy another harp I will come to you." - M.W., California

"Many, many thanks for all of your assistance in helping me choose my Dusty Strings 36-string harp. I know that I called many times and spoke with each of you and you kindly reassured me throughout the process. Thank you all! My harp is extraordinary in its tone and the beauty of the figured Bubinga. The harp is now tuned up nicely, and even though I am just a beginning student, we are learning to make beautiful music together! Many, many thanks! - S.S., Hawaii

"Thank You" to Sylvia Woods

"You are to be much complimented on your wonderful work you have done for many years now. I thank you and my pupils do also. I will be 78 this year. I still do weddings (etc.) and church work. I do have arthritis -- but I practice and do water aerobics. I have 5 grown children and 12 grandchildren. 4 granddaughters study harp also! It's a great life, isn't it!" -- M.K., Maryland

"I want to thank you for helping me on my path -- your wonderful harping led the way. The harp has brought me much magic, and the open door to a magical world." - D.H., Oregon

"Dear Sylvia, Thank you more than words can say for the harps, the music, the books, the tapes, and for inspiring me again and again. May God bless you always. The harpers and harpists of the world owe a debt to you that will never be forgotten." - B.M., Ohio

"I thank you for introducing me to the harp. I love my harp, it has brought me so much joy these past years. And, you can take credit for showing an "age enhanced" lady how to enrich her life through music". - J.O., Texas

"I've been making great progress, and am now playing the advanced versions of your arrangements (they're gorgeous), and thoroughly enjoying myself. It is the most relaxing and enjoyable thing I do "for myself"! Beats even bubble baths...! It has taken me a long time to start (I'm 39!), but I'm very happy with the progress I've made, and SO happy that there is an enterprising and talented Sylvia Woods in the world. You have made a very positive difference and deserve to reap the rich reward of personal satisfaction in what you do. THANK YOU!!!" - M S., Canada

"I wanted to tell you how much I love your tape, video and sheet music - that was purchased from you over a year ago. My daughter is very involved in the Renaissance fairs and thanks to you, I have been able to play many of your songs when I accompany her. Your tape has been my "saving grace" when I get home from a stressful day at work. For a period of 6 to 8 weeks, I played your tapes constantly. They gave me comfort and peace and made my very stressful job tolerable. I am so happy to have found your songs and tell everyone I know about your tape, video and music. Even though I have never met you or had an opportunity to visit your store in L.A., I will always consider you my teacher and friend. Thank you a million times a million. You have helped make my dreams come true." - M.M, California

"Thanks for all that you do on behalf of all of us. I for one appreciate it very much. I have used your music books, ideas and advice over and over again. (Certified Clinical Musician on Harp) Your material is invaluable to me. Thank you. Your arrangements have gotten me through many sessions and Soothing Comfort was administered right up until the very last breath the person I played for took. Thank you so very much for absolutely everything you do. Your arrangements are the first ones I reach for when I need to memorize (all arrangements must be memorized for this work) new selections. You are truly a Harpist's best friend." - Kathleen Brodzik, Pennsylvania