20% Off Essentials

20% Off Essentials

Sylvia Woods Harp Center
"Harp Essentials" 20% Discount Program

Purchase a harp from the Sylvia Woods Harp Center and receive a 20% discount on any (or all) of the following "Harp Essentials." This offer is valid from the time of your harp purchase until 30 days after you receive your harp.

Harp Essentials
* Extra strings
* Extra tuning keys
* Rubber rings for levers and/or tuning pins
* Rubber rings for accidentals

* Any (and all) publications written by Sylvia Woods
(including books, sheet music, "Quick Charts", CDs, and the "Teach Yourself to Play" DVD by Sylvia)

Contact us today to order your harp and get the 20% Harp Essentials discount.