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Ireland Teachers

Ireland Teachers

Here is a list of our harp teachers in Ireland, organized by postal code.

Please see our main Harp Teachers page for other countries, and for more information on how to use this list.

Here's what the icons below indicate:

Teaches both lever and pedal harp Teaches all ages
Teaches only lever harp Teaches through
Skype or FaceTime
Teaches only children and teens
Teaches only pedal harp Teaches only teens and adults

BT61 9DW
County Armagh

Simon Chadwick - wire-strung and historical harps - all levels
+44(0)7792-336804 - -
Simon teaches private and group lessons for children and adults at his studio, as well as through Skype. He also teaches at the homes of local students. No previous musical training is required. He has harps for rent to his students. Simon specializes in traditional, Celtic, folk, and early music and also teaches composition, improvisation and arranging. He offers recitals and theory classes for his students as well as tea and coffee! He has been teaching since 2001.