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Carlos Salzedo

Carlos Salzedo (1885-1961) was a revolutionary pianist, harpist and composer. Born in France, Salzedo studied at the Paris Conservatory with Alphonse Hasselmans. In 1909, Salzedo moved to New York where he worked as a musician in orchestral, solo, and chamber settings. Salzedo founded the harp department at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia in 1924, where he taught for many years. His distinctive playing technique is widely taught and used today. He composed and arranged many pieces for all levels of harp players.

The Conditioning Exercises can be played on either a lever or a pedal harp.
These other books by Salzedo can only be played on a pedal harp.

All of Carlos Salzedo's publications on our site are printed books that will be mailed to you. They are not available as PDF downloads.