Kathleen Blackwell-Plank PDFs

Blackwell-Plank PDFs

Kathleen Blackwell-Plank, MSW, CTM-CCM, the founder of Heartsease Harp Music, is a player of the lever harp, therapeutic musician, violinist, artist, and prolific arranger of music for harp, voices, and other instruments. She is certified through the Harp for Healing Program and has over twenty-three years' experience in the hospice setting. Her creative music arranging has grown out of the need for simple, beautiful harp music for use in therapeutic and liturgical settings. However, her versatile arrangements offer pure enjoyment in any setting.

She has a fascination with world music from a variety of cultures, countries, and time periods. Many pieces are grounded in traditional Western tonality, but others make use of modes, Middle Eastern scales, and pentatonic scales. Her arrangements highlight the beauty of the harp's tonal colors while remaining true to the style of various musical cultures. Through in-depth research, she brings to light some less commonly heard folk tunes. Thumbnail sketches illuminate historical factors and enrich the musician's understanding of the pieces.

All of Kathleen's publications on our site are PDF Downloads.

Kathleen wrote an article for Sylvia's monthly e-newsletter, telling about her harp journey. You can read the article here.