Grand Harpsicle (Grandsicle) Harps

Grand Harpsicle® with Rees sharping levers - $2,300.00

Optional Accessories
Soft Case (Gig Bag) - $450.00
Metal Adjustable Stand for Playing while Standing - $270.00
Extra Set of Strings - $225.00

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or email her at .
Sylvia will personally assist you in ordering your harp.

Sicle Range Range:
33 nylon strings. 4½ octaves. C up to G.
(2 octaves below middle C, up to 2½ octaves above middle C)

Click here for the String Chart for this harp.

• Dimensions: 45" x 28" x 6" (114 x 71 x 15 cm)
• Soundboard width: 6"
• Weight: 11 pounds (5 kg)

Harp Description:
Made in the USA by the Harpsicle® Harp Co., the Grand Harpsicle® (or Grandsicle) is one of the most unique harps available today. It has thrown tradition to the wind, and there is nothing else quite like it. The Grand Harpsicle® Harp is an electric harp, but if desired it can also be played acoustically.

Grand Harpsicle It is a full range harp with 33 strings, (two octaves below middle C and two and a half octaves above middle C.) but weighs no more than a professional electric guitar (around 11-12 pounds.) It can be played as a floor harp or strapped on to play while standing and moving. It can even be played like a lap harp when used with the Harpsicle® Stick.

The Grand Harpsicle® Harp is equipped with the Mi-Si Acoustic Trio System which features an active, battery-free preamp. Simply charge the internal preamp for 60 seconds with the provided wall charger and you're ready to plug into an amp or PA system for up to 16 hours of play time. For the best results, the amp used should be a bass or keyboard amp to be able to handle the strong bass tones. The amp should be rated at 40 watts or more (A guitar amp is not recommended).

Because the soundbox on this harp is designed to be narrow and portable, the acoustic sound is a little thinner compared to a harp with a larger soundbox. When plugged in this harp truly shines and is a real performer.

The Grand Harpsicle® Harp is being used for everything from wedding receptions, to jazz and rock concerts, Irish pubs and New Age groups. The Grand Harpsicle® Harp is also ideal for therapy work because of its mobility, weight, and extended 33 string range. Only your imagination can limit the possibilities with the Grand Harpsicle® Harp.

Grand Harpsicles® are available in natural maple, as well as the same fun colors as the smaller Harpsicle® Harps: black, white, blue, red, pink, and purple. The Grand Harpsicle's® pillar and neck are made of maple wood, and the soundbox is Baltic birch with a maple laminate on the soundboard. The "zither-type" threaded tuning pins tune smoothly.

Grand Harpsicle Player The Grand Harpsicle® Harp comes with a full set of sharping levers, a tuning wrench, a shoulder strap, 2 strap buttons, a detachable stand, a built in electric pickup with preamp, and a two year warranty.

The Grand Harpsicle Padded Soft Case (Gig Bag) will help to protect your harp.
The Metal Adjustable Stand for Playing while Standing will allow you to play your Grand Harpsicle while you are standing.

Harp Essentials Program:
When you purchase a harp from the Sylvia Woods Harp Center, you can save 20% on strings, other select harp accessories, and music by Sylvia Woods through our Harp Essentials Program.

Shipping and Insurance:
Shipping and shipping insurance for this harp within the continental US is $165. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or outside of the USA, we will contact you with the shipping and insurance cost before we process your order. If you would like to know this amount before you order, please contact us.

Please contact us regarding availability and time estimates.

Grand Harpsicle® Harp prices on this site valid as of July 2022.
Harp prices are set by the harp maker and are subject to change.


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Truly Grand
By Jerry Hilo, HI US
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The perfect solution for someone looking for compact harp with an extended range. I'm a beginning harp player with limited experience with harps so I can't compare the sound quality with other harps but, to me, it sounds great┬ľand that's without amplification. The Harpsicle Harp people say it's been used at weddings and at jazz, rock and new age venues so I look foward to experimenting in the future. For now I'll continue using it in the acoustic mode.

What a Treat!
By Judy Yamada
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I wanted a reasonably-priced, good-sized harp for a second location. This is just terrific! I can use the acoustic mode for practice or use the amp to blast the neighbors. I asked Cris to custom paint a mermaid on the metallic blue frame which is wonderful and I just made a dust cover using metallic green "mermaid scales" fabric with a "bubbles" flannel lining. I am SO happy with this harp.

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