PDF PATTERN for Knitting a Shawl with a Harp Motif

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This product is a PDF download of the pattern for knitting a shawl. We do not sell the actual finished shawl.

"Octavia's Garlands" is Caroline Steinford's unique and customizable pattern for knitting a lace shawl. It is sold as a PDF download, so you can print the pattern directly from your computer. Caroline's inspiration for this design was her Triplett Celtic II harp! Each end of the shawl features a large Celtic harp and a staff of musical notes. The rest of the shawl is filled with a beautiful leaf motif. The finished size of the shawl is 17.5" x 71".

A fun aspect of this pattern is that it includes about 4 bars of music: 2 bars on each end of the shawl. You can choose from 7 song choices: Scales, Brahms' Lullaby, Danny Boy, Flower Duet from Lakmé, Ode to Joy, Road to Lisdoonvarna and the ever-popular Twinkle, Twinkle. In addition, Caroline also gives instructions on how to incorporate your own favorite song into the pattern!

shawlThe pattern is a 20-page PDF which includes the following:
Instructions and Color Photos
Leaf Lace Chart and Right and Left Facing Harp charts.
Music Charts for Blank Staff and A and B parts for Scales, Brahms' Lullaby, Danny Boy, Flower Duet from Lakmé, Ode to Joy, Road to Lisdoonvarna and Twinkle, Twinkle.

You don't need to print all 20 pages for your project. Each shawl only needs the following 5 pages: Instructions, Left-facing harp, Right-facing harp, and parts A & B of your chosen song. Lace patterns are provided in charted form only.

The shawl is worked in two halves which are grafted in the center. Music charts include approximately the first 4 bars of each tune. (Please note that some minor musical liberties may have been taken for ease of knitting.) The tune on the blue shawl shown is the Flower Duet from Lakmé, The tune on the silver/white shawl is every harpist's first, Twinkle, Twinkle.

shawl close-ups

The shawl uses two skeins of Knit Picks Gloss Lace (70% Merino, 30% Silk) - 440 yd each (shown in colorways "Aegean" and "Sterling) or approx. 880 yards of laceweight yarn.

Caroline's Octavia's Arm Warmers coordinate nicely with this beautiful shawl.

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