Drop-Down Leg for Ravenna and Boulevard Harps

This easy-to-install single leg for the Ravenna and Boulevard models drops down from the base of the harp at the twist of a knob, raising the harp to a comfortable playing height without the need for a separate stand. You can carry the harp into a lesson, jam session, or hospital and be playing in seconds. For added flexibility or for bedside work, you can even play while standing, and the non-skid foot pad makes the harp comfortably stable while resting against your shoulder. The leg extends up to about 21.5 inches easily, with a maximum extension of 24 inches. A movable lock lets you drop the leg to the same height each time, and you can easily readjust it for changing situations.

We are only selling this stand when purchased as part of an order for a Ravenna harp.
If you would like to order the stand separately, please order it directly from Dusty Strings.

PLEASE NOTE: This drop-down leg requires some specialized parts that are built into the Ravenna and Boulevard harps. Unfortunately, it won't work on other Dusty Strings models or on harps made by other builders.