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8209s - Adjustrite Musician's Harp Chair with Back by Vivo

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: Aug 14, 2007
Great gig seating!
Posted By:
At home, I use an expensive ergonomic harp chair which is too big and heavy to take to gigs. So for a long time I used a folding bench on jobs, which didn't offer any back support and which had laughably little comfort. I've been taking this chair with me to frequent gigs for about a month now and I love it! It's comfortable, gives my back a little support when I need it, doesn't "cut in" to the backs of my thighs during those long jobs, looks nice, and adjusts in height easily and securely. It is equally comfortable for use with pedal harp or lever harp. The padding on the cushion doesn't compress down to nothing like on cheap folding benches; it continues to provide very effective support. Yes, this chair is a bit heavier than a folding bench, but it's worth it. The construction feels sturdy and reliable, which lighter chairs and benches often don't. Whereas when I was using a folding bench on jobs, I would sorely miss my cushy ergonomic bench back home, this chair is the perfect fit while on the road. I would heartily recommend this chair for gigging harpists on the go who need something eminently portable and yet comfortable.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 8, 2007
a great invention!
Posted By: Allison Hampton
Having this chair ends all the mystery about what size chair you will find upon arriving at a gig, or even a concert situation. No more body contortions to accomodate the too high chair you are given! It folds and adjusts easily, and looks very professional. And, when I'm not traveling with it, I use it in my teaching studio, where it adjusts to fit the needs of students and harps of all sizes....
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jan 17, 2008
A wonderful Harp Chair
Posted By: Camac Queen
I was using an office chair which swiveled at my concert grand harp. It was causing a lot of stress on my hip joints. I was searching for a good stable, adjustable chair which I could also use on gigs. The really expensive chairs are nice, but not transportable and just way too expensive. I thought I'd give this a try. It is just wonderful to have the same height at the harp out on a gig that you have at home, and to have such a comfortable chair to sit in for long practice spells. It really helps to have the right chair. I can sit up straight and be at the perfect height for playing. The only thing difficult about it is there is no carry bag for it. It would be nice to have a backpack bag to carry it in. I may end up making something, as I cannot live without this chair being with me on gigs.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Mar 7, 2008
Folding chair custom slip covers
Posted By: Sharon Monroe
This chair has been the best for me because it folds, has adjustable height and a back. I did make it a little more special by taking a pattern from a dinning room chair slip cover, measured it to make it a custom fit and made covers from different fabrics for different occasions. Velvets, brocades for the holidays. Ultrasuede, baroque tapestry and summer florals. They also could be monogramed. I added side and back pockets for easy, handy storage. These can be closed with zippers or velcro.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Mar 8, 2008
adjustrite musician's chair with back
Posted By: brenda hoff
LOVE IT! I was using my backless bench, which was fine, but for long performances, my back would hurt. With this chair, I was able to play my lever harp for 5 hours on Valentine's Day with no discomfort, and play my pedal harp at a 4-hour Bridal Fair, and I was fine. No back pain at all. I highly recommend it!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Aug 16, 2011
Love it!
Posted By: Natalie Wagner
I bought this chair for traveling. When I received it in the mail I was so amazed at how comfortable it was, I now use it for daily practice. Aside from the amazing adjustable legs, sturdy design, and ability to fold, this chair has some amazingly comfortable padding and looks very professional. Thanks harp center, once again you have provided exactly what I'm looking for!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Feb 23, 2012
Even Adjusts to Uneven Floors
Posted By: Brian
Location: Maunaloa, HI United States
This is a case of spending more and getting what you pay for, it works great for classical guitar as well (my use). Actually anyone who plays sitting will love this chair, comfortable, portable, strong and quickly adjustable without a fuss. You'll wonder why you waited so long. The Harp Center quickly mailed, communicated well about the order, and deserves your business. Highly recommended.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jul 8, 2012
Wow! This chair is amazing!
Posted By: Jeane Jaramillo
Location: Las Vegas , NV United States
The real reason I ordered this chair is because I would receive 20% off since I purchased a Dusty Strings harp from the Harp Center. My harp bench at home was fine, but the pleather was tearing. So I thought: why not? When I used this chair for the first time I was amazed at how much better my playing was!! I was at the correct height, correct angle, and the comfort is wonderful. The seat is a very durable, professional grade fabric; it won't be falling apart any time soon. I love this chair . . . it actually changed my life. I plan to order another one for my son who plays guitar. Sylvia, thank you for bringing such wonderful products to us. I know I can trust your judgement!!!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Dec 14, 2012
Wonderful chair
Posted By: Kathleen Ford
Location: Rockville, MD United States
This chair is perfect for every harper. I was surprised at how comfortable it is and this really helps me to practice longer. It folds up and stores easily too. I can't think of enough good things to say about this. Well worth the investment.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Mar 4, 2013
Just the rite chair
Posted By: Angela Chan
Location: Missouri City, TX United States
This is the perfect chair for my family of three harpists of varying heights. No more upward slanted seat and edge under the thigh that impact blood circulation. Easily adjustable and stable legs, thickly padded seat, nice lumbar support, foldable and transportable, look nice on the stage or the practice room, reasonable price, can't ask for a better package. Now I need to decide if we keep playing musical chairs or get one for each harpist.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Jul 15, 2015
The Best Harp Chair For Me
Posted By: Jackie Cook
Location: Oklahoma City, OK United States
I purchased this chair from Sylvia Woods because I was in need of a comfortable place to sit for practicing my harp. The great thing about this chair is that the height is adjustable, the seat cushion is very comfy, and to me, the best feature is the back. It allows me to sit up straight and have support against my back at the same time. A great feature! It is a wonderful joy to get to play harp. Being comfortable is extremely important. I highly recommend this sturdy, well made chair to any musician who sits to play an instrument. It folds up easily and can be transported to a gig or stored away if needed.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Mar 16, 2017
Great Harp Chair
Posted By: Jeanne Mason
Location: Hendersonville, NC United States
I have been playing harp for a couple of years and this is the best seat I have come across. It is portable, comfortable, give good support to your back, the legs are easily adjustable, and you can tilt the chair forward.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Sep 28, 2017
Thank you Sylvia for recommending this chair!
Posted By: Leanne Page
Location: Surrey, BC Canada
Thank you for sending my chair so expediently and in time for my gigs this weekend. I brought it with me yesterday and it worked beautifully. It is sturdy, the adjustable legs have made it the perfect height for me and the cushion is substantial enough to provide true comfort. I am so happy with it, Sylvia. It is truly what I had hoped for. Thank you for recommending this chair on your website. You have truly made my harping travels that much more streamlined and enjoyable. With gratitude and wishing you a beautiful day.
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Oct 11, 2017
Great chair
Posted By: Cathy
Location: Scotts Valley, CA United States
I bought this chair because reviews of other stools/chairs sounded like they weren't supportive enough. I bought this, was able to adjust it to the best height for me, and used it at my first harp gig. A bit heavy, but worked perfectly!
Product Rating:     Date Posted: Aug 27, 2019
Giving Hope
Posted By: Marie Barnes
Location: Rainbow City, AL United States
My daughter researched this product for me because I recently had back surgery and sitting without back support is very hard. I just received this chair as a birthday gift and have named it HOPE---because it has given me fresh hope for longevity of my harp career. I would highly recommend this chair to those who play for long periods of time either in practice or performance. It folds easily and is adjustable to different heights. It packs well for travel. It is one of the best gifts ever! I can't thank my precious daughter enough for loving her mom enough to find this chair--and adding HOPE to my career! Blessings, Marie Barnes