The Tranquil Harp mp3 Download by Paul Baker

Item #m3212a

This product is an mp3 audio track download of eight tracks of music from The Tranquil Harp CD by Paul Baker.

This unique recording by Paul Baker contains eight solo harp improvisations played on a Dusty Strings FH36-B lever harp. It was recorded live in a concert hall without any added electronic effects or reverb, presenting a wonderful, true, "real harp" sound. Each track is in a different key, correlating with the frequencies of color and the energetic centers of the body. The pure, harmonically rich harp sounds played at a slow regular pulse (about 60 beats per minute) encourage alpha wave activity in the brain, resulting in greater relaxation, clarity, focus, and concentration. Practical exercises are suggested for each improvisation to assist in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual integration. This recording can be used as a tool for study, meditation, relaxation, or just pure musical enjoyment. The improvisations are named for gemstones and crystals.


All eight individual mp3 tracks are zipped together in one file.
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