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Island Girl by Laurie Riley PDF Downloads

  • Double-Strung Arrangement
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  • Intermediate Lever Harp Arrangement
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  • Advanced Lever Harp Arrangement
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For lever, pedal, or double-strung harp

Island Girl is a lovely composition by Laurie Riley from her new double-strung harp CD, Infinity. Laurie wrote this piece for her 7-year-old grand-niece, Milanya, who lives on the island of St. John in the Virgin Islands. Laurie says: "She is a happy, intelligent, lovely child whose island heritage has shaped her outlook and her future. She is lucky to be growing up in an environment where community is everything, where one greets all acquaintances with a hug and a kiss, and where people are never in a hurry."

This piece has a real "island feel," so you'll think you're in the tropics when you play it. The music is in the key of G (1 sharp), with no lever (or pedal) changes needed. It features syncopated rhythms, right-hand thumb slides, and left-hand cross-unders.

Laurie has made this piece available in three formats. The three versions are almost exactly the same. Here are the differences.

One of the techniques of double-strung harp is the ability to play the same note repeatedly in both hands, without your hands running into each other.
#1. This technique is used in several places in the double-strung harp version.

#2. For the intermediate lever (or pedal) harp version, some of the left hand sections are written an octave lower, to keep them away from the right hand. This makes these sections easier to play.

#3. The more advanced lever (or pedal) harp version keeps these notes as originally written. Therefore, both hands will sometimes be playing the same string consecutively.

Each version is 4 pages of music, with some fingerings. The range is about 3-1/2 octaves, from the C that is 2 octaves below middle C, up the the G 1-1/2 octaves above middle C.

Please note: there is no cover page on this sheet music. The image shown here was created for this website, but does not appear on the music.

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