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Meditation for Geri by Laura Zaerr PDF Download

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For lever or pedal harp.

Here is how Laura Zaerr describes her composition.
This piece started out as an improvisation as I was playing for the local hospital. I love the long phrases and gentle harmonic shifts of Robert Schumann piano pieces, which served as my inspiration. The left hand maintains a constant triplet pattern while the right-hand soars with a lyrical melodic line in duples. This two-against-three texture gives the piece its distinctive undulating flow. With a few quick lever changes, harmonics, and a good left-hand work out, this piece is for intermediate to advanced lever (or pedal) harp.

This four-page original composition is in the key of F (1 flat). There are E-flat and D-flat lever or pedal changes within the piece. Since most lever harps are not tuned with a D-flat, Laura includes this footnote: For lever harps, use a C-sharp for the D-flat in measures 47 and 48. To do this, flip the C lever up and immediately back down again.

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Your lovely new piece
By Bonnie Berkmeier
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Congrats on composing this flowing, joyful new piece of music. I hope the lever changes aren't too challenging. Keep up the good work, as we are always hungry for challenging new pieces that show off the best of our lever harps.

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