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International Rhythmic Collection #2 by Alfredo Rolando Ortiz Downloads

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For lever or pedal harp.

Alfredo Rolando Ortiz' three Rhythmic Collection books introduce various rhythmic styles from North and South America and Europe in a very "user friendly" manner using famous traditional melodies. He includes well-known tunes as "Famous Traveling Melodies," showing how they would sound in various styles and rhythms. The three volumes are not progressive. Each one includes easy, intermediate, and more advanced pieces. There are some fingerings. All titles and explanations are written in both English and Spanish.

PDF Download: This PDF is Volume 2, and its "Traveling Melodies" are Frere Jacque, an original melody by Alfredo, and Handel's Harp Concerto.
Tu Ventana, Milonga para amar, Cocorna and Conga viene, conga va! have easy and advanced versions. Pieces range from 4 flats to 2 sharps, with most of them in flat keys. Some fingerings are included. 64 pages.

mp3 Download: With the companion mp3s you can listen to the music to "get the right feel" of those wonderful Latin rhythms! Some pieces are divided in sections to facilitate listening and learning specific parts. A few examples of "variations" and additional verbal instructions are included. "Easy versions" are included, but not the "advanced."

PDF Contents

Famous Traveling Melodies (Más melodías viajeras famosas)
Frère Jacque
Alfredo's Traveling Melody (Melodía viajera de Alfredo)
How to "Händel" Latin Rhythms (Händel en ritmos latinos)

Other Contents
Los Pollitos (The Baby Chicks)
Al ánimo
Naranja Dulce (Sweet Orange)
De Colores (With Colors)
El Solito (The Little Lonely One)
Tango Triste (Sad Tango)
¡Conga viene, conga va! (Conga comes, conga goes!)
Tu Ventana (Your Window)
Milonga para amar (Milonga for Loving)
Carnaval Brasileiro (Brazilian Carnival)
The Butterfly Trees (Los árboles de las mariposas)
Una vez en la montaña (Once in the Mountain)
Milonga para amar (Milonga for Loving)
Danza Cubana

Companion mp3 Tracks

Los Pollitos
Al ánimo
Naranja dulce (Sweet orange)
De Colores
El Solito
FRERE JACQUES - waltz style
FRERE JACQUES - Brazilian style (baiäo)
FRERE JACQUES - Colombian style (cumbia)
FRERE JACQUES - Paraguayan style (polca paraguaya)
FRERE JACQUES - Cuban style (conga)
ALFREDO'S TRAVELING MELODY - Colombian style (cumbia)
ALFREDO'S TRAVELING MELODY - Brazilian style (baiäo)
ALFREDO'S TRAVELING MELODY - Cuban style (conga)
ALFREDO'S TRAVELING MELODY - Paraguayan style (polca paraguaya)
How to "Händel" Latin rhythms
How to "Händel" - Colombian style (cumbia)
How to "Händel" - Brazilian style (baiäo)
How to "Händel" - Cuban style (habanera)
How to "Händel" - Cuban style (conga)
How to "Händel" - Paraguayan style (polka paraguaya)
Tango Triste
Conga viene, conga va
Tu ventana (Your Window)
Milonga for Loving (Milonga Para Amar)
Carnaval Brasileiro
Los Pollitos (harp & voices)
Naranja dulce (harp & voices)
De Colores (harp & voices)


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International Rhythmic Collection #2
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International Rhythmic Collection #2

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