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'Sicle Wall Hook and Bumper

'Sicle Wall Hook and Bumper

We've been hanging our 'Sicles, Zephyrs, and Triplett Christina harps on the walls of the Harp Center for many years. These new hooks are a great way to safely display your 'Sicle, or other light-weight lap harp, and get it up off the floor! You'll drill 2 holes in your wall and attach the black metal plate with the included screws and anchors. The hook is covered with a brown and black rubberized tubing to protect your harp. Then hang your 'Sicle by the upper hole in the back. We're also including a 3" long rubber bumper that you can attach to the wall with the adhesive strip to protect the bottom of your 'Sicle from rubbing against the wall.

According to the manufacturer, if properly installed, these hooks can hold up to 15 pounds.

Disclaimer: The Sylvia Woods Harp Center takes no responsibility for damage to your harp or other items, or personal injury from using this hook.

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