Pedal or Lever Harp

Paris Once Again by William Mahan Downloads

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For lever or pedal harp.

William Mahan's beautiful compositions have the impressionistic harmonies that French music is known for. These intermediate level pieces can be played on lever or pedal harp, but do not work well on small harps with 26 strings or less. The pieces are in the key of C, or 1 or 2 sharps. A few pieces have several lever changes. There are 8 of William's compositions, plus Plaisir d'amour, written by Jean Martini in 1780. This piece was the inspiration for the Elvis Presley's hit I Can't Help Falling in Love With You. 28 pages.

If you purchase the optional Companion mp3 sound files of these pieces, they will be zipped together in one file. Each song is played on a harp by Mary Radspinner at a slow pace for practice purposes.

Click on the blue titles below to see a sample of the first few lines of music.

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